- Chairman Wang Yitong Paid an Investigation Visit to Three Subsidiaries in Guangzhou and Shenzhen -

From March 6 to March 7, 2017, accompanied by secretary of the board of NORINCO International Mr. Du Xiaodong and chief financial officer of NORINCO International Mr. Yan Jiajian, Mr. Wang Yitong, the Chairman NORINCO International paid an investigation visit to Norin Development Co., Ltd., NORINCO New Energy Co.,Ltd. and Shenzhen Huate Packing Co., Ltd.


After the briefing, Wang Yitong gave a fully affirmation to the achievements that these three companies have made in the past. He pointed out that after restructuring, they are formally included in the listed company system of NORINCO International. Facing both challenges and opportunities, they could take full advantages of marketing channels of NORINCO International, and reach an effective coordination in "4+6" structure. Considering that during transformation and upgrading, these companies shall make full use of the capital operation platform of listed company to achieve faster and more brilliant development, Wang Yitong put forward several suggestions for them. First of all, they should make persistent efforts to promoting management level and realizing annual tasks with high quality and efficiency. Secondly, they should seize market opportunities and cultivate new business growth point to be pioneers in the relevant industries. Thirdly, they should earnestly implement the policies of the Party since the 18th CPC National Congress and be strictly honest and self-disciplined.


In Guangdong, Wang Yitong visited the production base of Shenzhen Huate Packing Co., Ltd. and learnt production process, quality control, production line in detail. Furthermore, he held talks with key staff from Norin Development Co., Ltd. and NORINCO New Energy Co.,Ltd. and encouraged everyone to stay true to our mission, move forward and achieve greater success.